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5 Things to consider when booking a Guesthouse.

There are many options available to leisure or business travellers today. From the usual hotels (of various classes and prices) to Guesthouses, Airbnb, different types of lodges and more – “choice” is not a problem for the average traveller.

Your choice of accommodation is influenced by many factors – key of which are facilities, location budget – general purpose of your visit (long or short stay, a mix of business and pleasure), availability of transport (these days less of a hassle with Uber, Taxify and other cab-hailing services) etc.

Today we look at Guesthouses as an accommodation option and, of course, there are Guesthouses that knock the socks off any “brand name” hotel, operating in a boutique-type fashion where you get superb food, hospitality and attentive service (without being intrusive) . . . and, of course, on the other end of the scale you get the type of guesthouse where the owner’s dogs burst into your room in the morning, offering rude “wet-nosed” awakenings.

Maybe you like that kind of thing but, chances are, you prefer the boutique, personalised, experience.

When choosing your guesthouse of choice, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Accommodation and rates: A decent guesthouse will want to put their best foot forward and they will do so through photos, videos, testimonials and other content that, A: showcases their establishment and, B: proves their capabilities. A guesthouse that could not be bothered with its online content will come off second best.

  • Nearby attractions: Whether you are travelling for business or leisure it’s always useful to stay at a venue that is located near great attractions. Pending where you are, of course, you may want to skip out quickly to go watch a movie, go to the beach, shops, casino, restaurants, theatre, sports stadium – whatever tickles your fancy. Life’s too short to spend in traffic, after all.

  • Taking the above into consideration, should you need to travel to the Windy City, Port Elizabeth, anytime soon, it is worth your while to checkout Margate Place. Slightly misleading name but, certainly, there’s nothing misleading about the quality and value of their offering.

    A worthy guesthouse for discerning travellers.


    Whatever your reason for being in the FRIENDLY CITY, we at Margate Place will make your stay a memorable one.