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Is it cheaper to fly or drive to Port Elizabeth.

It is holiday time, once again! Tis’ the season to be jolly! It’s that time of year where you book that flight and pack your bags as you prepare for another holiday that takes you away from all the worries of life. The beautiful and wild coast of Port Elizabeth is the perfect reprieve and offers you an escape that has you breathing a sigh of relief. You can say good riddance to all responsibilities for a few unforgettable days at Margate Place which is aself-catering oasis in your chosen heaven! Get ready to post all those vacation pictures on Facebook and fill your friends and family with envy as you ride the waves of paradise. But considering teleportation is neither a liable nor viable option, what should your chosen form of transportation be?

Traveling can be draining to say the least so it is good to consider the most comfortable and convenient choice for you. You want to get to Port Elizabeth as quickly and smoothly as possible with the least amount of hassle but of course you have to consider pricing. Is it cheaper to drive or fly to Port Elizabeth and which is the most efficient. Flying to Port Elizabeth gives you a chance to travel in style however your budget may not be able to afford such lavish luxuries if you are travelling as a family and in this case, driving is the cheaper option.

The price to fly to Port Elizabeth would vary according to when you book and which airline you select. If you book in advance the prices will be cheaper as well as this attempt to get out of season rates as the airline tickets are cheaper if you’re not traveling at peak time. Of course, in addition to this, the price is also dependent on where you are flying from as prices differ in accordance to distance.

There is also nothing wrong with economy class if you have to stay on a budget. The most expensive airline would be British Airways if you want quality but if you are more concerned about being cost-effective, I would recommend Kulula or Mango airlines. They are well known and cheap, safety wouldn’t be a concern. Opting to drive, however, is perhaps more feasible if you are travelling as a family as this would certainly be more than the individual cost of a flight because you would have to calculate it collectively. You would also be saving money because when you arrive at Port Elizabeth you would have a car and wouldn’t have the added cost of arranging transport whenever you want to go somewhere. However driving is time consuming and cumbersome as it involves long hours and frequent stops that can be tiring.

All in all you would have to weigh up the pros and cons of either driving or flying to Port Elizabeth that will help you reach a conclusive answer. You can do this by comparing online air ticket prices and the amount of fuel it would cost to drive there. Also take into consideration if you are willing to bear the longevity of such a drive.

Whatever your reason for being in the FRIENDLY CITY, we at Margate Place will make your stay a memorable one.